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Monday, October 28, 2013

Greece-Police solved the brutal murder of a 50 years old Filipina domestic helper at Ekalli area

We was the first we posted the case of the brutal murder of a 50 years old Filipina domestic helper at Ekalli area click here to see the previous post and now police found and arrested the offender....
DNA and a small footprint of foot,  led officers of  Attica Security in solving the brutal murder of a 50 years of Filipina domestic helper of Athenian jeweler A. Vildiridi that had been made on Greece in Ekali area. Now the offender detained in prisons Korydallos, already police said is  a 30 year old Romanian woman , housekeeper in an adjacent house , arrested at her country and  issued in our country.
The police believe certainly been involved and a man , probably a friend of the 30-year old Romanian, but she denies having partner.
The investigation of the case had bumpy journey since  Greek Police had to travel to Romania  and cooperate with the Romanian authorities in order to capture the woman killer.
As announced yesterday, the director of the Attica Police, the police investigation revealed that the 30 year old Romanian like to stole jeweler 's house, which was next to the house of her employer and waiting for the right opportunity to act.
Fateful day she saw no movement in the house, despite the fact that there were clothes spread out and considered that the Filipina housemaid was missing , so she decided to act. Broke into the home and started investigating the house for money or jewelry when she fell over in the 50 years old filipina maid, which she obviously was rested because she was in her underwear .
The two women knew each other since they worked in adjoining houses. The 50 year old filipina probably tried to prevent Romanian woman thereby becoming fray.
The Romanian woman grabbed a kitchen knife from the kitchen of the house and started furiously hitting the 50 year old filipina, which literally butchered .
The Filipina fought with all its forces with the murderess , but eventually she died .
The intruders took two small safes which contained collectible watches and jewelry of great value. However, the resistance of the housekeeper was the main cause for the identification and arrest of the woman killer .
Police officers searched the house when asked , they found blood everywhere . Within this nightmarish situation that experts Marker found a bloody footprint small part of women's shoes , and in the the victim was  clutches of the skin of the murderer , from which it emerged that belonged to a woman.
Genetic material found in the knife, from which emerged that the DNA is the same person .
At home in Ekali found DNA belonging to a man , but not in places that connects directly to the murder. It was later revealed that the DNA of the genetic material on the knife and nails of the victim filipina are from the Romanian woman 
The officers turned from the beginning their attention to domestic workers in the region of Ekali area if some would have heard something. They looked at a total of about 60 women and found only that  a Romanian woman domestic worker she had disappeared.
The 30 year old killer immediately after the robbery and murder left from Greece. When the laboratory results came , the security officer asked help of the Romanian authorities and they issued an international warrant. As result the killer arrested on Oct. 2 in Romania country.
The woman was examined jointly by the Greek and Romanian police and confessed everything , except who was with her. Immediately she escorted a few days ago in the Korydallos prison .

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