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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Greece-The Filipino father from Rhodes who shocked the bank employees with the withdraw money that did

The protagonist of the case expect to empty the bank from  the world and then he approached the cashier with three passbooks ...

The limits of hopelessness and despair are now daily , more and more people are effected.

The cases recorded due to economic deprivation and the island of Rhodes is innumerable .

Our local news writer and reporter of tsismosaonline.com said  ' reveals new case of the young Filipino father who finds himself in a huge economic mess , went into a bank branch of Rhodes holding three passbooks .

After waiting for at least two hours to leave the whole world , went to the cashier of the bank and asked to make initial information and then taking all amounts that were within his bank account.

The Treasurer , in fact proceeded to process information and was surprised that overall booklets were in the amount of EUR 2 and 80 cents ! "The booklet is empty ," said the treasurer of the bank apparently believing that this amount was "non withdrawable ."

The young Filipino father , approached the counter and quietly said, " For this amount I come and wait here today.

With this amount , 2.80 euros I will buy milk for my child ' thus going to take the amount that was in the booklet !

This case , "shocked"  the Bank staff and all who learned as a young  Filipino father , was in a state of despair and hopelessness .

This case , however , according to statements made by employees of the bank , speaking at tsismosaonline.com reporter  is not unique , as economic deprivation has led thousands of our fellow people (Greek and Filipino)  in similar situations of distress .

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