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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flood Proof Homes is Now in the Philippines

Still in concept but this printed image will be the future of flood proof homes.
An Exec. Producer of "Phil. Reality TV" John Aguilar which is the country's first real estate and construction lifestyle television program. He said that his group is thinking of modern and practical designs and it brings float able carports, removable balconies and Regenerative Amphibious Floating Terraces (RAFT) which is very useful in terms of escape when residents are trap in flood. The prototype of constructions are 5 townhouse units each door has its evenly distributed carports and also it has 3 levels of living space only it's unconventional design. It's 1st floor is the bedroom , 2nd floor is the kitchen and 3d floor is the recreation area. The reason for this unique thinking is that it allows family members to climb higher and higher as the water also gains height. John Aguilar's team is now coordinating with the Local Government Units of Marikina to bring up this type of manner effectively next month. They wanted to educate the residence to adapt and observe this uncommon living home.
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