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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Erap and the 100 Days for Being Mayor of Manila City

Mayor Joseph 'Erap' Estrada of City of Manila
The former Pres. Estrada has been an ongoing mayor of city of Manila for almost 100 Days, he came with a bang as he introduce reform and development for his new position in city of Manila. He says to the people that the problems of flood, crime, corruption, drugs, pollution and prostitution shall meet its end as soon as he will be on the position. He is known for being an action star and a former president of the country, within his statement he said that "In my 100 days serving as a Manila Mayor, I'm thankful for the support that Manilenyos have given to my programs and projects. Rest assured of continuous service by me and my partner Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, inorder to bring back the beauty and glory of our beloved city." The situation where erap is applying his intents can be notice in traffic were unregistered buses are halted at the gates of the city, the waiting sheds which provide both a place to wait for the commuters and to surf the net as it has been equipped with wifi internet for free the so called "ERAP WI-FI", the proposed solar-city in front of the manila bay  which he had agreed where it's a reclaimed island with countless infrastructure both for investors and opportunities for job hunters, the flood problem which until now remains unsolved and lastly the corruption clean up for "Kotong Cops" a process of removing all policemen who are soliciting illegally to people and drivers as well.
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