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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Defeating Time With Your Skin and Look Young

Jc De Vera (left) and Dr. Ana Marie Montesa-Lansangan (right)
Dr. Ana Marie Montesa-Lansangan, Managing Director, (CEO) and Chief Dermatologist of Shimmian Manila Surgicenter says : "When we age our somatopose or hormonal level decreases and begins when we age at middle 20's." When we age 40's it goes on with this type of Physical Attributes: 
  1. Wrinkles
  2. In our eyes there will be pouches
  3. Thinning with our lips
  4. Sagging Cheeks
  5. Sagging with our entire body
  6. Lesser firmness to our muscles and stomach goes bigger.
  7. Severe pain within our knees.
She said also having fatigues, anxiety and most of all loosing self-esteem is patterns of having aging. Vital reasons leading to aging are the food you eat, pollution and annual decrease of your hormones. She said also a good sunblock helps delay skin aging for which it gives a nicer SPF and whitening lotion like everyone believes in doesn't assure that you will not get dark under the sun it just gives melasma. When we were in teenage years she said we must treat acne problems ASAP because it may leave scars as well as traces. Natural food which is rich in Vit. C and antioxidants counts alot together with avoiding eating fast foods. 
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