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Friday, October 4, 2013

China: Dozens die from killer bees

One of the most deadly attacks of insects have been recorded in the last decades is underway these days in Shaanxi Province in central China , with more than 41 people dead and another 1,600 to be in the hospital with 37 cases still in a state of absolute threshold for life.

Responsible for this massive hit is Asian bee- drone, the largest of its kind in the world, with a wingspan of about eight centimeters while the deadly poison injected by the stinger length 6 mm .

Most of the victims were people who worked in rural areas , but many flocks managed to reach and in urban areas.

The dramatic increase in attacks has led the government to create specialized medical teams that provide direct assistance to the wounded .

However they are extremely anxious and scientists who typically say that this is not a simple insect species but normally prey with incredibly aggressive behavior , especially between September and October , which is about them breeding season. But the ferocity of their behavior this year seems to have surpassed all previous records and the extremely dry and hot summer that preceded it.

Editor: Paul Kirkasidis
By filipino Gr for tsismosaonline.com
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