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Friday, October 4, 2013

All around the world the custody of Michaloliakos, the leader of Golden Dawn Neonazi Political party in Greece

The news of the detention of Nikos Michaloliakos, the leader of Golden Dawn Neonazi Political party in Greece, toured the world.

" The leader of the far-right party in Greece, Golden Dawn remanded on charges of membership in a criminal organization, which scatter the terror on the streets of the country," writes the Guardian.

The Guardian transmits images from the release of Kasidiari , Panayiotaros and Michou , with Elias Kasidiari throwing punch at camera while leaving.

The news of detention Michaloliakos transmits agency Reuters, indicating that this is the first such act in decades in elected party leader .

The BBC speaks with former member of ASE , which talked about the British network for the manner in which the Golden Dawn .

Meetings of the Golden Dawn "all standing attention when the leader was coming inside. Spoke of beatings gay and people with dark skin " he says.

When a member of the ASE offered to " punish " someone in exchange for money. "No I agreed and interrupted communication. Later came and told me not to say word , otherwise I would have burned alive ," says the former member of the Golden Dawn.

The BBC wonders why the authorities did not act sooner. " One reason for this " report " is the alleged involvement of the police ."

 Pakistani immigrant who accepted three attacks by men, suspected members of the Golden Dawn, said that the police did nothing, I began research. "It's because I'm a foreigner " he says. " The police never act for us. If I was Greek and stabbed , I immediately chased the attackers ."

Leader of Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party, Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, jailed pending trial http://t.co/Tch0goMeR8 # GoldenDawn # Greece

- ABC News (@ abcnews) October 3, 2013
Greece jails leader of far-right Golden Dawn party http://t.co/qLuTY94k19

- Haaretz.com (@ haaretzcom) October 3, 2013
Greece jails leader of far-right Golden Dawn party http://t.co/gnvIyPMCvH

- CBS Top News (@ CBSTopNews) October 3, 2013
Golden Dawn leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, sent to prison - video http://t.co/tOVQEhhyoY

- Guardian video (@ guardianvideo) October 3, 2013
CNN, at the main article says " Profylakisteos the leader of the Golden Dawn Nikos Michaloliakos " and notes that are expected to be announced in what prison will be transferred to his trial.

Also, the Washington Post entitled " Profylakisteos the leader of Greek far-right party in view of the trial ."

"The government can crush the structure of the party, but to remove the ideology and bring back his supporters from the ends will be the real challenge," he says.

Referring to the " unraveling " of the ASE , the New York Times write that raised serious questions about the design and effectiveness of arrests " and whether they will backfire against the government if it turns out to cause sympathy for the Golden Dawn, one of the most violent extremist organizations in Europe . "

"Questions have been raised about the legitimacy and even the constitutionality , methods of government," the newspaper writes , speaking of " surprise decision " Justice for the release of three deputies.

The paper refers to the behavior of Kasidiari Elijah , who by leaving the court called journalists " bums " and pushed photographers.

" The legal disputes show that government and many others are convinced that the Golden Dawn run less like a political party and more like a mafia organization . But it also highlights concerns that government affairs can be fraught with legal and procedural errors holes research "say the New York Times.

The Al Jazeera reports that the decision to jailed party leader " promotes the efforts of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to dismantle the Golden Dawn ."

Tribute to Greek government attaches the French Le Monde. " It only took a few hours to decapitate the ASE , which for two years poisons the political climate in the country," he writes.

"This is good news. Success of the party is not explained in the Nazi propaganda does. Due to the crisis and the austerity measures failed to heed . Widespread corruption policies led a part of the Greeks to vote against the system. But it was time prevail realism : the ASE is a criminal organization that has no place in the EU ", says the newspaper .

" The ASE escapes from the judges of " inscription Article of the commentator of the French Le Figaro.

"We will emerge stronger eventually ASE after arrest six MPs ? Magistrate 's decision causes the least, surprising. After dramatic arrest and interrogation 14 hours four Members of the neo-Nazi organization, was charged with setting up and participating in a criminal organization . Yet three of them were released conditionally , but free until the trial "highlights the French newspaper .

The release of the members of ASE mentioned article published in the Tageszeitung of Berlin. " Even the same three MPs are surprised by the decision of the trial judge. Came from former cadet school without anyone waiting for them and they left in a taxi ... "

The same trend mentioned article of Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich. "The decision of investigators and prosecutors discussed by analysts as a blow to the government" underlines the commentator .

The Srigel for her reporting on the Golden Dawn refers to the conditional release of three deputies and that this decision is a blow for the government in Athens

Watch again the video that our filipino reporter get in Greece for tsismosaonline.com

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