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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A 23 year-old Filipina is under investigation for tax avoidance after she posted photos of her rich life on facebook

A 23 year-old Filipino , is under investigation for tax evasion after she posted photos of her privileged private life on facebook.
This is the Jeane Napoles, whose mother is under investigation by financial authorities in the Philippines, allegedly responsible for the largest fraud case in the country.
The young girl used social networking sites to publish pictures of her life in the U.S., but as said Kim Henares, head of economic crime prosecution body in the Philippines :
"And we read the newspapers and watch the internet , so it was easy to identify the offending pictures ."
Ms. Napoles, which according to the «tsismosaonline.com» studying Fashion, owns a house in the Ritz Carlton Los Angeles worth $ 1.3 million , as well as a house in her homeland , worth $ 339.000 .
The Jeane shown in the pictures wearing designer clothes , jewelery with precious gems , expensive shoes and moves with fast cars , which was condemned by public opinion back home , where it is estimated that 28 percent of people living in extreme poverty.
According to Henares, the 23 year old had never filed from 2008 tax return even though they were registered as taxpayers and added, " we always say that there is no problem to be someone rich enough as long that person pay their taxes ."
According to the calculations , only the last two years tax evasion assessed $ 744.000 , while her mother is also accused senators bribery case in the Philippines reaches $ 232 million .
Three senators of the opposition and the former President Gloria Arroyo, who is in prison for fraud in the election, are among those who investigated the relationship with her mother post signature
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