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Friday, October 4, 2013

91 Dead Elephants Poisoned by Poachers Using Cyanide

A dead elephant in Zimbabwe caused by poachers who used cyanide for ivory.
Several carcasses of elephants were scattered all throughout in western Zimbabwe the wildlife officials said that minimum of at least 91 dead elephants were found and has been poisoned by using cyanide. The poachers were the one behind this ruthless and inhumane act of hacking the elephant task in exchange of the illegal ivory trade. The local officials also said that massive bones that has been bleached by the sun in the Hwange National Park, litter the landscape around one remote watering hole where 18 carcasses were found. They also said that the cyanide which i being applied in gold mining was been spread by the poachers over flat salt pans. When cyanide strikes it goes right away and deeply within the bloodstreams which kills it right away and creating higher rate of decomposition period. 9 suspected poachers had been arrested this month and 3 are sentenced for 16 yrs. in jail
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