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Thursday, October 17, 2013

17 meter meteorite was pulled from Russian lake

Divers in Russian lake pulled a rock 570 kg, is reported to be the main part of what remains of the meteor that had exploded in the sky of the city Chelyabinsk few months ago , causing extensive damage and injuring more than a thousand people. The meteorite had made its appearance in the Russian sky on 15 February , when a speed of 55,000 kilometers per hour had exploded at a height of 25 to 30 kilometers, causing a blinding flash . From shrapnel and blast injuries reported 1,100 residents, while smashed windows and roofs collapsed within several kilometers .

The initial size of the meteorite is determined diameter of 17 meters and a weight of about 10,000 tons . The initial rock broke in many fragments after the blast, but the main part of the local lake crashed Chebarkul, leaving an opening in the six- icy surface.

The Russian TV covered live now hoisting the meteorite . The footage shows a 1.5 meter rock , which the divers wrapped with special cover and raised to the surface. During the operation, and after he had moved ashore , the rock broke into at least three pieces as it remained a rope carrying him . The whole difficulty of the task was greater than expected, due to the increased depth at which the rock was found .

According to experts it takes some time before it is confirmed that the rock is coming from outer space. Before you break the rope, had weighed weigh at least 570 pounds ( broke during weighing ) , which means that if you actually determined that it is a meteorite , it will be the largest ever found .

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