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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pope Francis: Respect the Immigrants

Francis Pope urges nations of the world to welcome and respect immigrants and refugees, and not treat them like they are ' pawns on the chessboard of humanity . "
The head of the Roman Catholic Church stresses the need to change the attitude of countries receiving immigrants seeks international cooperation and also reiterates its condemnation of " the slavery ' workers.
"Refugees and immigrants are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity. Are children , women and men who leave or are forced to leave their homes for many reasons, sharing a legitimate desire to experience something better , gain better and above all to make something better, " he said.
The reality of migration requires " international coordination " with " the adoption by all regulatory tools that protect and promote the human ," says Pope in his message ahead of World Day of Migrants and Refugees .
Rather than create " insurmountable obstacles" , governments should seek "a good cooperation to address socio-economic inequalities and globalization without rules," he says.
" No country should address only the difficulties associated with this phenomenon " highlights the pontiff , who has made it his first priority to protect the poor and the weak.
" Particularly worrying are the situations in which migration not only be voluntary , but promoted by various forms of human trafficking. Today , the ' slavery ' is a common currency " noted Pope Francis .
In his message also denounced the companies and businesses that exploit immigrants and refugees , many of whom work for very low wages in agriculture and in clandestine factories in Italy and other European countries.
"This requires a change of behavior from everyone towards immigrants and refugees , are eliminated from the defense and fear , indifference and marginalization towards a behavior -based culture blending , the unique culture that is capable of creating a better, more just and fraternal world "concludes Pope .
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