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Monday, September 30, 2013

Greece banned entry to a 4 year old Filipina yesterday at the airport

" Junk " a 4 year old Filipina ! In the middle of crises and  after  the arrests of the leaders of Golden Dawn neo-Nazi Political party, Greece  denied entry to a 4 year old Filipina yesterday at the airport

An outrageous event that just reported to tsismosaonline.com  by the filipina mother which her daughter banned the entry in our country, revealed in all its glory "rule of Schengen " and the Greek immigration police.
A four year old girl from the Philippines held yesterday for several hours at the airport  by Greek police authorities, because  the entrance permit of the child " stuck " in the famous Schengen Agreement.
 The child's parents live in Greece over 10 years and they are saying that have submitted the documents normally needed for the free stay in our country. Indeed they have already acquired the White Card (white bebeosi) and because they believed that it is a matter of time to get the 10 years residence permit , they like their daughter to enter Greece also . For this reason, the child's father traveled to the Philippines and returned yesterday with the 4 year old Filipina

It is characteristic that the  father contacted his wife, which through their lawyer tried to solved the problem., however , when contacted with responsibility  the Greek Security Police Chief of the Ministry of Public Order, the permit  denied and the 4 year old Filipina returned back to Philippines the same day

By Pinay Ako for tsismosaonline.com
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