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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Greece-anti terrorist police arrested the leaders of racist political party Golden Down, Nikos Michaloliakos and Elias Kasidiaris

Greek police have arrested today, Saturday 28 September 2013, the leader of the far-right Golden Dawn party, Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, on charges of forming a criminal organisation.

Another Golden Dawn  member of the Greek parliament  has been held and more warrants issued, police say.
The arrests and warrants come amid anger over the murder on 18 September of anti-racist musician, Pavlos Fyssas.

A man arrested for the stabbing told police he was a supporter of Golden Dawn, though the party strongly denies any link.

"The Secretary General and one lawmaker of the Golden Dawn Party were arrested a short while ago after arrest warrants were issued," Greek police said in a text message.

The other member of the Greek parliament  arrested was said to be Ilias Kasidiaris.

'Bodyguard' held

The killing of Pavlos Fyssas - whose stage name was Killah P - has sparked protests in Athens and across Greece.
George Roupakias was arrested over the murder of Pavlos Fyssas

George Roupakias,admitted to police he was a supporter of Golden Dawn, was arrested.
The government launched a crackdown, including raids on Golden Dawn premises and the suspension of police believed to be sympathisers.

Greek police arrested one of their own colleagues who was reportedly working as a bodyguard for the party, during a raid on its offices in the western town of Agrinio on Tuesday.

The government also began an inquiry into the activities of Golden Dawn, which won nearly 7% of the vote in 2012 elections.

In recent months, Golden Dawn has been accused of perpetrating attacks on migrants and political opponents - including an attack on Communist Party members earlier this month which is said to have left nine people in hospital.

In the hands of the police is also the head of the local organizations of Golden Dawn in Nikea city George Patelis and member of the Greek parliament - have issued 37 arrest warrants for members  of the Golden Dawn.

The Supreme Court of Greece

Evidence of involvement of Golden Dawn members in other illegal acts beyond the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas - police officers and people of the night are allegedly associated with the fascist party

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Greece proceeded to remove the telephone privacy for some Golden Dawn  members of the Greek parliament

This was part of an investigation by the Deputy Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Ch. Vourliotis, and came after the findings in the discussions of the Golden Dawn members recorded by NIP (National Intelligence Service) for reasons of national security. The said information implicates Golden Dawn members in other illegal actions, besides the murder of 34-year-old Pavlos Fyssas.

These Golden Dawn  members of the Greek parliament reportedly ARE talking with other members and persons for acts falling under the provisions of the Criminal Code.

The Prosecution of the Supreme Court has at its disposal information to relate entrepreneurs, police officers and people of the night with the Golden Dawn.

So far there has been no apparent involvement by military in the action of the fascist party. For this reason, it is possible the Prosecution might decide on the lifting of telephone secrecy of the concerned persons.

Meanwhile,  investigation opens a new round of witness summoning and gathering of evidence that can turn certain witnesses to suspects of criminal offenses, ie potential defendants.

Judicial sources even emphasize that some of the testimonies given in court are equally important to those given by protected witnesses in the case.

The main aim of the investigation is to see whether the Supreme Court can establish a prosecution for construction of a criminal organization, an offense that is prosecuted as felony and can even lead to temporary jail time. The information that has emerged so far will be combined with other preliminary investigation acts such as opening bank accounts, witness statements, etc.

It is worth noting that a circular from the former prosecutor of the Supreme Court Ioannis Tentes for criminal treatment on members of the Golden Down, clearly states that in these felonies the relevant authorities may proceed to arrest  members of the Greek parliament, thus paving the way to bypass the Greek Parliament.

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