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Monday, September 30, 2013

7 Habits that make your skin to age faster

Wrinkles are inevitable.

There are many things you can do to avoid them but surely you can change some habits of yours and delays as much as possible their appearance ....

1. tobacco Smoke

Being exposed to cigarette smoke or a smoker or not increases facial wrinkles and dryness because cigarette smoke destroys vitamin C, which is an important ingredient to keep your skin hydrated.

Two . Sun Exposure

Always use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Good is indeed the chrisimpoieis throughout the year even the most cloudy days . The clouds can not protect your skin from the sun rays . These glykoulikes fakidoules recently made their appearance and your love can result in brown markings making your skin to look tough.

Three . lack of exercise

Exercise not only makes you feel better but it makes you look better. When you work out your blood moving more strongly into your body and tones your muscles thereby increasing the gyransi of your skin .

4. Exposure to cold

During the winter months your skin becomes dry which causes a lot of air and low temperatures. On the other hand causes dryness and the artificial heat radiators . A good moisturizer is therefore very important.

5. Ellepsi sleep

The ellepsi sleep appear on your face . When you do not sleep well your eyes turn red and created bags under them. The adults work best when they are sleeping 8-9 hours each night.

6. stress

Stress and anxiety cause wrinkles on forehead. What you need when you have anxiety are some relaxation techniques which you must do daily to avoid wrinkles.

7. alcohol

Have you noticed that after a night full of alcohol your skin shows dehydrated. Imagine how it would look if you been drinking more often ? Alcohol dilates the tiny blood vessels in your skin. This causes an increase of blood flow near the skin surface. At the time constant drinking leads to permanent damage of the blood vessels. These corrupted and broken blood vessels leading to dehydrated skin.
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