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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why are organic products superior?

Organic products is the desire of many people, but because they are actually quite expensive than the others, for this reason is preferred by those of only withstand these costs. However, the biological offer more to the human body.
More specifically, organic products offer better working conditions for organic growers. According to a study by the School of Public Health Harvard, found an increase of 70% of Parkinson's disease in people exposed to pesticides. Those working in organic farming, are at lower risk for Parkinson's and other diseases. Also give food to independent farming families. For those who buy organic food, grown in small-scale organic farms, they help them to lead a number of independent peasant families. On the other hand, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers the 60% of the herbicides, the fungicides of 90% and 30% of insecticides as hazardous and carcinogenic infections. But organic products are free of all this and there is no risk for contamination and cancer. Apart from other organic food is not contaminated or genetically modified because they have gone through many checks and is definitely more tasty than the common products. Even organic products do not contain neurotoxins, which damage the brain and nerve cells. The development of the brain and body of children are more susceptible than the adult regarding pesticides. Therefore, the organization of children grows much better with eating organic foods. For organic meats, exposure to antibiotics and hormones vaccinate more animals are essentially minimal or even zero. Finally, the organic products are not exposed to gasoline and fuels such as common.
The organic market shields largely health. But just the thought that common products contain both hazardous to the body is something that if not feared then surely cause .. goosebumps! Because organic products are nothing more than products regularly every man should enjoy. Unlike the system that exists that gives useless features in cheap prices while the foods that would normally be consumed by the entire population, standing obstacle money because the majority of the world's population is unable to allocate money to buy them .
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