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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Greece-Rebellion at immigration center in Amygdaleza-Injured ten policemen

This time at immigration center in Amygdaleza.

Tension prevails this time at immigration center in Amygdaleza.
According to preliminary information, dozens of inmates gathered in the courtyard of the center and refuse to return to their wards.
Burn mattresses and various other objects, while attacking with stones at the police, who are trying to take control of the situation.
In point rushing Strong police forces.

Ten policemen were injured by stone throwing have been opened against them insurgents immigrant detention center in Amygdaleza.

According to preliminary information, the wounds of the police are not serious.
However, this time taken to the hospital in order to provide them first aid.

In battlefield became the center of illegal immigrants

In battlefield became the center of illegal immigrants Amygdaleza when dozens of prisoners held uprising, protesting time temporary detention, which 12 months, as has been now increased to 18.

Shortly after 10:00 p.m. Saturday dozens of migrants detained in the center came out in the yard, refusing to return to their container where they reside, and began to set fire to mattresses and sheets and throw stones towards the police.
Indeed, according to reports, the inmates tried to hold hostages and some of the officers serving at the center.
At this point powerful forces rushed to the Police men riot and five vehicles of the fire with 15 firefighters.
The officers 'combed' the surrounding area, as there were fears that some of the migrants escaped, taking advantage of the turmoil.
Eventually, after the intervention of riot police the situation was brought under control shortly before one started to count the prisoners.
From the episodes noted that ten policemen were injured, who were taken to hospital in order to provide first aid.

Mayor Acharnon: The revolt of immigrants were expected

For "expected uprising" of foreign detainees at immigration center Amygdaleza, speaks mayor Acharnon, Sotiris Ntouros.
"The conditions in the detention center are appalling and the uprising of immigrants was something we expected," says Mr Ntouros and adds that last Wednesday met with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Citizen Protection to express its concern, as that, he said, 1,650 people "stacked" in the same place "is too many and can not live in a container, in summer the temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius."
"The lives of undocumented immigrants encroaching constantly Center and the announcement of the extension of detention, combined with living broke the camel 'complements the mayor.
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