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Friday, August 16, 2013

Greece- Filipina dealing drugs in Ambelokipous of Athens, UNBELIEVABLE !!

This is the house in ambelokipoi were the filipina dealing drugs-Photo taken by pinay gr for www.tsismosaonline.com

UNBELIEVABLE !! With a shovel served drugs the 35-year old Filipina who arrested in Ambelokipous!

The 35-year old filipina dealel had opened a hole in the shutter to pass the shovel and thereby gave the crystalline methamphetamine into calling cards so the client user will not see her face !

Really shocked by the case of invisible supplying cocaine to the poor, as people say the crystal methamphetamine!

She sat behind the broken shutter and waited for customers in an area that stay families with children!

Indeed, the Filipina drug dealer had a specific clientele, as well as at her home the police found three blocks that read daily quantities of drugs that give to her customers!
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