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Monday, August 19, 2013

Greece-Filipina brutally beaten up by her Pakistani male partner in Ambelokipous

A Filipina domestic helper was brutally beaten up by her Pakistani male partner yesterday august 18th. Jenny was rushed to Evagelismos Hospital with multiple head, hands and knee injuries after the incident and underwent surgery at orthopedic hospital immediately. Her case was NOT registered at the the Philippine Embassy in Greece because she is not lin lawful marriage with the pakistani man  . The incident took place at her house on Sunday when Jenny went with two of her friends (a female Indian and a Filipina) for girl talks and internet chat.
After waiting for 30 minutes, one of her friends suggested to just go online in their facebook accounts so as to follow up their emails. “I was the one talking with a  Greek on facebook because I can speak and understand Greek,” Jenny recounted to tsismosaonline.com. “But her Pakistani partner was not happy about it. He told me I am always creating problems. I said no, I was just helping and transferring messages to Greek on behalf of my friends.” After a small disagreement, the Pakistani partner disappeared but returned to continue the quarrel holding his mobile.
“I was offended of course, but I didn’t mind it. He tried to called my boss and my boss spoke to me and my friends,” she said. Calm followed and the Pakistani partner disappeared again, this time for more than two hours. He came back with another Pakistani male friend of him. The "friend" was obviously stationed inside the house. “When he saw us, he called me specifically. I asked if I had done anything wrong. I was puzzled.
He shouted and again called me. Without anything on my mind, I went with them. We were in the kitchen  when we were arguing about something. He was shouting at me and asked why I was creating trouble. I told him I don’t create any problem with anyone. I told him if you listen to your friend, it is only right to listen to me as well,” Jenny said.
“While I was narrating my side of the story, the Pakistani partner became even more furious. He said I was disrespecting him, and told me to go into a bedroom nearby. When I was about to enter the bedroom, the Pakistani partner grabbed my hand and told me I don’t have respect. I said I know how to respect but I told him he wasn’t respecting me. He grabbed my arm forcefully, pulled my hair and dragged me down on the floor. The next thing I knew I was already groggy, and did not know what was going on. I felt nothing but unbearable pain on my face and body,” she recalled.
Her two friends at that time heard the commotion going on nearby. At first they didn’t realise Jenny was under attack. “I was stunned so I rushed there to see Jenny lying in a pool of blood. I was already in panic, screaming and told them she’s my friend. I saw the other Pakistani man carrying her to a room nearby and I told them that I wanted to see her, but they wouldn’t allow me go near her. I kept asking what happened and I saw the Pakistani male partner going out and lighting a cigarette and just telling nothing…nothing  the Indian friend recalled.
Married with two kids in Philippines, Jenny said all she wants is real justice to be served. “Thank God I am still alive, but I really want to hit back – I don’t deserve this. I am an overseas filipina worker here in Greece  and provide for my family. After this, I don’t know if I can still stay here ” she cried. Jenny’s Aunt, who is also working as a house worker in Greece, appealed for help and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.
By Pinay ako for tsismosaonline.com
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