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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why Beet Juice doing "miracles" for our health?

In most lists of nutritious foods will not find the juice of beetroot, but according to recent data is as important as the salmon and blueberries. And actually the juice of beetroot deserves a place on the list of foods that make little miracles health after enhances durability of the body, so you can you exercise longer and improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.

More and more studies are showing that beetroot juice is one of the richest sources of antioxidants and nitrates improve blood pressure and blood flow throughout the body, including the brain, heart and muscles.

The role of dietary nitrate
Like most fruits and vegetables, beets contain nitrates and antioxidants that may be beneficial to health.
"The investigation of beetroot juice is even an early stage," explains Gary Miller from the University of Wake Forest. "We try to uncover the interesting health benefits of beetroot juice mainly because of dietary nitrate and their effects on blood flow and blood pressure," adds Dr. Miller.
Through a chain reaction, the body converts nitrates in beetroot juice nitric oxide, a compound that enhances the blood flow throughout the body and helps to reduce arterial blood pressure.

The beetroot juice promotes heart health and blood flow
A diet rich in beetroot juice may be the most natural way to reduce arterial blood pressure and improve heart health. Nutritionists always recommend a diet rich in fruits and vegetables for good heart health and lower blood pressure.
"Although there is insufficient evidence for beets, a 2001 study showed that the antioxidant nutrients prevent oxidative processes that contribute to the onset of specific degenerative diseases," explains Dr. John Cuomo, a specialist in food supplements. The study shows that the products of beets when consumed regularly provide some protection from disorders which cause oxidative stress in humans.
Other studies have shown that drinking two cups per day of beetroot juice or taking nitrates capsules in lowering blood pressure in healthy persons. This means that dietary nitrates are beneficial for blood circulation and a natural approach to reducing the risk of heart disease.

Nitrates enhance athletic performance
The beetroot juice can have positive effects on the body during exercise. A recent survey showed that the six-day consumption of beetroot juice enhances overall physical performance and cardiac function during exercise.
In 2009 published research which found that nitrate enable people to play sports up to 16% more because they have the ability to reduce the use of oxygen, making the exercise less tiring.

The nutritional value of beet juice
"Eating beets will not get the same amount of nitrate in the juice because the process of cooking wears some nitrates" explains Marjorie Nolan spokesperson of the American Dietetic Association.
The beets are excellent food. It is rich in folic acid, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants and nitrates. The active ingredient contained in the juice is betanin.
One cup of raw beets has 38 calories and 8 grams. carbohydrates. A cup of juice typically has 100 calories and 25 grams. carbohydrates.
Many fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants but not nitrate. Beets with spinach, radish, lettuce, celery and Chinese cabbage, are excellent sources of nitrates.
Nitrates are typically not given in food composition.

Who should drink beetroot juice?
Of the athletes up to the elderly, everyone should drink beetroot juice if you want to have good physical performance and blood circulation. In the investigation, the scientists plan to study what groups of people benefit more from the juice and nitrates. Dr. Miller and his colleagues at Wake Forest University have already demonstrated through magnetic resonance imaging that juice improves the blood flow in the brains of healthy elderly.
"Healthy adults should not expect dramatic benefits if you add a little beet juice in their diet, but generally foods containing nitrates are healthy and help to improve blood circulation and blood pressure in key skeletal muscles, especially as we get older "explains Dr. Miller.
Dr. Nolan side supports that even a cup beetroot juice has a significant effect and can be the alternative treatment in hypertensive drugs for some people with eight grams per day can prevent constipation.
"The increase in blood flow to the muscles is good for athletes and the elderly can improve muscle condition and thus reduce the risk of falls, fractures and physical decline due to weakness," explains Dr. Miller.

Where to find beetroot juice
Beetroot juice you find in all health food stores and in pharmacies, usually in packs of 750 ml. Calculate that will spend 4,50 euros and above. The flavor is distinctive and she prefers to mix with other liquids to make it more palatable.
If you drink beetroot juice daily not alarmed if you notice a color change in your urine. It is absolutely normal. The red pigment of beetroot excreted through both of urine and feces.
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