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Friday, July 26, 2013

True stories -Filipino Fisherman, wife send son to law school

MANILA - Nicanor and Ofelia Ramos live in a small fishing village Called Parawan in Bulacan. Nicanor is a fisherman while Ofelia is a vendor.
In spite of cancer, poverty and the shrinking fishing industry, the Reyeses fought to send Their only son, Dave, to law school.
"I would definitely not go into another line of work. Yung I decide to entering my law proper, we also discussed the parents' yun e. Because I thought our family, so also those with lawyers e. Because there events that have deceived us, "Dave recalled.
Nicanor said he agreed with His son's plan to go to law school since he could still fish.
Ofelia said They could not afford to send Dave to a review center because I They had no more money. Everything that could be sold for Their son's education was gone.
"I said to myself, because I tenancy-review center, I just double those diligence. At least 8 hours I read every day. Though no day off Saturday, Sunday," Dave said.
"Every day my father diving into the sea. Alas-4 on, awake. Situated sea. Everyday yun. No day off. Said I, how will I reading?"
On March 20, 2013, the Supreme Court announced the results of the Philippine Bar Exams. One of those who passed was Dave Ramos.
Nicanor said he did not know if he would jump, run or cry after hearing the good news.
"Really sweet feeling. Pastry. I just fishermen. Fish He vendor. Yet children were lawyers."
ANC storyline, July 26, 2013a

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