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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The plane trees under threat in Greece

The deadly fungus called keratokystis, is responsible for the extermination of trees in Europe and now in Greece. The keratokystis came to Europe in the period of the 2nd world war within the military boxes of allied forces that were manufactured from diseased trees in the U.S.. The deadly fungus, having vanquished the trees in Italy and France, he came to Greece in 2003, perhaps from contaminated wood, killing at first planes of Pylos in Messinia.
Unfortunately it was the beginning of evil. From then the fungus spread in the Peloponnese, Epirus and Thessaly and ominous is that it has the ability to be transported by air from tree to tree and penetrating river waters. Already fungus destroyed thousands of acres of land and trees is estimated that if this situation continues and soon they would risk the planes of Macedonia, Euboea, Boeotia and Fthiotida.
The disease of trees, called metachromatic ulcer occurs in the summer season. In the first phase appear at the top of the tree small leaves like hyacinths, which are beginning to spread to the whole tree, replacing healthy. Later, the tree dies gradually loses its leaves, while the shank and starts displaying red and blue stripes, as having patches. Meanwhile, the body takes a characteristic banana flavor.
The trees under threat in Greece Platania under threat in Greece
The issue is that the Ministry of Environment is unable to take any action that would even limit the phenomenon by the fact that the fungus has the ability to spread easily from plane to plane but also because due to cuts made to the jobs the staff is very limited to try something remarkable. It's a shame because apart from fires that destroy Greek trees every summer, there is also another cause destruction and trees, just be more invisible than that of fire.
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