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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Strike strike strike, occupation of all municipal buildings in Greece

Municipal employees were asked to gather in town halls early tomorrow morning – Still unknown what will happen with garbage collection

The executive secretariat of POE-OTA decided unanimously to occupy all municipal buildings in Greece as a first action to protest the government’s agreement with Troika for the abolition of the municipal police and school guards.

Employees will gather early Wednesday and Thursday mornings in the town halls which they will occupy, while their leaders will make interventions in the municipal councils to coordinate their actions with local and regional authorities.

Employee representatives in municipalities across the country will gather on Wednesday night, while in the afternoon they will start arriving in Athens to coordinate their nationwide action.

Workers in local government will refrain from their duties on Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday evening they have organised a concert on Syntagma Square. theres is no official announcement as to what will happen with the collection of garbage.

POE-OTA is going to appeal to the Council of State asking for the multi-bill to be judged as unconstitutional, while other government agencies will do the same, invited to join forces in a common front.
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