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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Snail farming - income and prices

Snails are a delicacy that although considered delicious in Greece still not very popular though kept large quantities of snails. To go right conclusions about the snail farming from holdings should be made analyzes and records for many years, no evidence of a large number of units, the sample is genuine, analyze all types of livestock, the geographical separation, to reckon elements detracted a given time step in breeding, but other factors, facts and analyzes that will offer a clear picture. From 2009 to 2012 examined many units, especially in Northern Greece but throughout the country and based on this study go some conclusions. In Greece basically kept only the snail Helix aspersa, which meets two subspecies, Helix aspersa aspersa (Muller) and Helix aspersa maxima. On prices that give breeders snails for Greece but also outside the country for snails reared in 2012, we can say the following:
Within Greece for the moment the demand is limited and snails to grow should the product be advertised and made known among other things for the rich nutrients provided in the body. The farmer more often sells himself snails in restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, or directly to consumers, with price around 4.5 euros per kilo. Some companies that buy snails closing contracts, last year's sales prices were close to 4 euros per kilo. Large manufacturing firms snails found in Pella, buy snails nature of the species Helix lucorum and Helix pomatia. The prices were buying these species of snails for the year 2012 is from 0.60 to 0.75 per pound for Helix lucorum and from 0.70 to 0.85 per pound for Helix pomatia. The purchase of these snails are from the Balkan countries, namely Skopje, Serbia, Croatia and Romania, but also from Poland, Belarus and some more. Some of the Greek manufacturing enterprises processing snails have branches in Skopje and other countries close to Greece, where there snails purchased at an even lower price (cheaper at 0,20 € per kilo), bred and finally end up in Greek markets. For the moment the manufacturing these big companies do not buy snails from breeding because the breeding of the snail Helix aspersa too expensive.
Outside Greece, the market requires a finished product but is also packed. For fresh snail prices are different from country to country, because of the time period, the type of snail, the quantity of snails, the agreement already closed, and for some other reasons. Thus, prices range from 2.50 to 4 per pound. In France, the greater proportion of the cultivated quantity of snail farms transformed by the same breeders. Later sold the processed snail themselves breeders to farmers markets, festivals and elsewhere. But other than that, in France the snail is widely known to consumers and for this reason is purchased in very large quantities. Large manufacturing firms in France, as in Greece, process snails of the species Helix pomatia in the Burgundy region and Helix lucorum collected simply by the French countryside. These businesses exist in several western European countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, but also in many countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. It must be emphasized, however, that the processing rate of snails Helix aspersa is only 10% of the total quantity of processed snails in these countries.
In Italy, fresh snail sold through auction by the large vegetable market and popular in festivals and is characteristic that in some areas of Italy from May to July conducted many such events. Therefore in order to sell the snails at high prices in these areas, there should be a product available for these periods. However, the selling price for the grower in July is around 4.00 euros per kilo, while price November and December are more collapsed, ie around 3 euros per kilo. In other parts of Italy the things likely to be different in terms of demand and prices. For this reason it is necessary to systematically search the Italian market. In Italy the Maxima sold lower than Muller. Feature is that among the fresh snails sold throughout the Italian market, 7 out of 10 Italian consumers choose Helix aspersa.
In order to increase sales snails in Greece should follow the example of other European countries where companies try to introduce snails snail in systemic diet of the population using various methods to accomplish that seem to catch. Also needs to grow and the role of individual growers and snails in conjunction with businesses to make the snail popular in Greece.
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