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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scamming via sms on mobile phones

What to watch out

The Bureau of Economic Police and Cyber ​​Crime inform citizens to avoid being tricked by fraudulent messages sent to mobile phones.

The controversial message indicating that the holder of a subscriber has won large sum contest and then encouraged to send personal details on the internet for prepaid tax amount or to disburse.

Asked citizens to be vigilant and not persuaded by such messages, which in no way correspond to reality.

The Bureau of Economic Police and Cyber ​​Crime, inform people, to avoid being tricked, that the last time sent to users mobile phones, short messages sms, for allegedly profits from competition.

In the message that the recipient won a significant amount of money in a competition (lottery) called «The Millions Mobile Award», and then, to recover that sum is encouraged to send an e-mail (e-mail) with personal information online at eurostakes@msn.com.

Specifically, the message is written in English and says: «Your Mobile Number has Won £ 1,500,000.00 in the Millions Mobile Award. To claim Funds, Kindly Email us: EML 424756, Your Name & Number to: eurostakes@msn.com ».

Note that if a user is satisfied and communicate with their abusers, by e-mail, demanded money supposedly prepayment charges or expenses disbursement of profits.

Asked the citizens not persuaded by such messaging namely:

• Do not respond to messages (sms or email) that said winning money in a competition (lottery), which never signed up.

• Do not engage in sending personal or bank details.

• Do not make any money.

• To immediately report such cases.

In any case, citizens can call the telephone numbers 210-6476464 & 210-6476461 or email ccu@cybercrimeunit.gov.gr of services Economic Police and Cyber ​​Crime for receiving instructions.

In addition, the website of Greek Police www.hellenicpolice.gr especially on "Citizen's Guide" have posted useful advice to citizens about such incidents
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