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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sarcophagus plant flourished in England

An exotic plant that feeds on animals flourished for the first time in a greenhouse in the UK. Carnivorous plant with the scientific name Puya chilensis, is a perennial plant that lives for centuries and blooms in Chile. Planted in the garden «Wisley» the Royal Horticultural Society 15 years ago and now has reached a height of nearly 3.5 meters. The body is filled with thorns shaped hook, which cut like knives and sharp trap animals, including sheep, to die from hunger.
Later, the body of the dead animal decomposes and feeds the plant with nutrients through the soil. The contact of the Royal Horticultural Society guaranteeing that parents can see up close the plant without endangering their children, as it is located in a greenhouse, closed to the public. Those responsible for the care of the exotic garden plant, which will keep the flower for a week with liquid fertilizer.
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