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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rumors that the famous McDonald's company abandons Greece

Rumors abound that the world-renowned multinational company McDonalds is preparing to leave Greece because the official internet website announced that it will now provide opening other stores Franchise in Greece but also in the Baltic countries and will prefer open markets in Albania, Algeria and Afghanistan.
Apparently McDonalds has found that people in Greece no longer prefers its products, perhaps because in Greece the most for fast food option selects Goodys, plus expected income is very limited.

So McDonalds thinks as any multinational company and of course the side is perfectly sensible energy making. Sure to leave the McDonalds from Greece will not happen something as negative by the deprivation of plastic meals, however the issue is that a number of the unemployed will be added to existing as all over Greece that the people working at McDonalds in this case will be fired ..
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