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Saturday, July 13, 2013

No more blank screens-Greek Public Television started transmitting again

The new logo is displayed with background music - Kapsis: Program emission within the next few hours - Kedikoglou: New public transmitter in three months - ERT employees react

The Greek Public Television broadcasts on television screens as blank screens at frequencies of ERT were replaced by a new signal.

"What you see is the transition. In three months there will be a normal show in our new operator. Public television should reflect society as a whole. If you have suggestions they are welcome," government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said speaking on ANT1 TV.

He added that "what matters now is to create the Public Broadcaster. This is done with the new operator. The capable and deserving employees of ERT will work. The notice is ready to be sent out as long as POSPERT will agree with the minister."

The broadcast from the transitional body called "Greek Public Television" will start in the next few hours, which transmits a signal from 8 am this morning as relevant Minister Pantelis Kapsis said.

Speaking on Mega TV Kapsis said the program will include movies and documentaries, and there will be some news in the form of titles. There will be a direct contract for positions in order to add news reports to the program.

Kapsis said once again he is open to the dialogue with ERT employees, "who last night were very close to accept the government's proposals. Actually we have addressed all the raised issues."

Εmployees react

ERT employees reacted strongly when the new signal of the Greek Public Television appeared. They characterize the new body a fake copy of ERT and complain that it is not licensed by the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) and the new contract-recruitments have not been launched.

At the journalists morning show of the web ERT, technician Nikos Michalitsis raised the following questions:

- Is the new title recognized by the NCRTV? Has the government been promptly asked for an authorization?

- How did DIGEA and OTE emit without an authorization?

- Who pays the employees, directors and technicians of the new public television, under which agreements and what are the trade-offs they take?
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