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Friday, July 26, 2013

How is it to grow ...19 kids and thinking to do the twenty?

In most families a child is enough, in another two, maybe three, but always the parents, depending on their finances or due to other factors decide when to stop having children.
But not for Bob and Michelle Ntougkar who so far have 19 children and do not exclude the fact to make other or adopt the twentieth child. Indeed, Michelle while ago was pregnant twentieth child, but lost in the 19th week of gestation.
Children of the name is all so their name always starts with the letter «J». Most were born vaginally twice while Michelle did cesarean section because she had twins. 25% of her life, as they say, went through being pregnant.
The couple married in 1984 when Bob was 19 and Michelle 17. At first I wanted to have children right away and so Michelle was taking contraceptive pills. When I wanted to have a child stopped the pill and started again when she gave birth. She was a miscarriage but both parents believe that blame the pill he took Michelle. So together they decided to stop the pills and be forgiven by God to accept what He believes that children need to fly around the world.
How they cope and how is their daily life has become a topic of discussion many times. Apart from the website available to the family online, have their own reality show while appearing every so often in various shows. As Michelle says "everything is to no organization." Each of the older children have responsibility for one or two of the younger siblings. Every day at 8 is the breakfast and the eating, it helps all of us to clean the house. Following are the school subjects, which are made in house and the older siblings help younger again. The 15 year old Jill is responsible for their lunch while after eating younger siblings go to sleep and larger their homework.
Due to the fact that many children are when they want to have personal contact with their parents, without the presence of their brothers, write a list their name in order to get priority. This is more for the father than for the mother since Michelle is almost always at home and so can have personal contact with each of the children individually when they request it. "I would like to do and other children as each one of them I have already done, is a unique gift," said the large family mom happy.

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