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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Guilty of conspiracy the Apple Computers according to court decision

The technology giant is accused of conspiring to raise the sales prices of electronic books

According to court decision
Guilty of conspiracy Apple
The computer giant is accused of conspiring to raise the sales prices of electronic books

The group computing Apple was found guilty of conspiring to increase retail prices of e-books in 2010 they had marketed the tablet the iPad, according to a decision released today by a judge in New York.
"Prosecutors proved that Apple had conspired to raise the retail price of e-books' with many major American publishers, estimates Judge Denise Cote in the decision, which also announces that a new trial be held to determine the amount of compensation which will be paid by the group Apple.
Apple vs. the group had moved the U.S. government, which accused him, in the months preceding the release of the iPad in the market, orchestrated an agreement among major U.S. issuers which allowed them to raise the price of electronic vilvion of 9 , $ 99 that were set by the group Amazon for new books and bestseller.
At our online store that opened with Apple placing the iPad on the market, the paper also suggested generally priced at 12.99 or $ 14.99 and publishers then harmonized prices and other resellers, including the Amazon, managing to renegotiate their contracts.
The trial was conducted during June in New York and lasted three weeks.
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