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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Greece-Work stoppages today and Friday for Government.and municipality employees

With a work stoppages tomorrow and Friday continue their protests employees in Government. At today's meeting of the General Council of WTO TABs decided stop working tomorrow, Thursday, from 12 noon until closing time. At the same time, the Federation has convened for 12.30 protest in  Klafthmonos sq.

On Friday decided to stop work from 11.30 until closing time. The same day the Federation invites employees in Local Government at a concentration of 12 in pl. Karaiskakis path to parliament.

Weekend all employees should refrain from their duties.

For Monday, the eve of enactment of much-bill, the WTO calls for OTA concentration in syntagma sq. The concentration may be combined with a concert with consideration and possible overnight stay in the square.

On Tuesday the WTO OTA will participate in the 24-hour strike text issued GSEE and ADEDY.

In terms of waste disposal, decisions are taken by local clubs. For example, the club workers in the municipality Nice - Ag.I.Rentis decided to abstain from refuse collection, while the municipality of Athens will become waste collection, at least the central points.

Requested support from mayors

As regards in particular the municipality of Athens, employees will attend tomorrow's City Council meeting to ask the City Council and Mayor chimneys take a stand in favor of workers.

Already today the municipality of Xanthi, employees attended the City Council requesting the municipal authorities take a firm stand in favor of them, which made the mayor Xanthi M. Stilianidis, who will attend Friday to the General Assembly KEDE. Such decisions are taken by the municipal councils and other municipalities in the country.

Pursuit of employee unions across the country are the municipal authorities to take a stand in favor of them, with the ultimate aim to influence decisions at the General Assembly has convened for Friday KEDE in Athens.

As noted by the ANA-MPA president of the Association of Employees of Athens Mr. B. Polymelopoulos "we are in favor of structural changes and restructuring, but seek legislative changes to the bill", and adds that in the present circumstances leave the municipality of Athens 1,400 people.

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