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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Greece-Security measures for visiting the German Minister of Finance, Closed the Metro stations in Athens today

Security measures for visiting the German Minister of Finance.Mr. Schaeuble - Closed the Metro stations in Athens. Meanwhile, problems in movement will face and the traveling public, as commissioned by the Greek Police will be closed Metro stations from 9.30am to "Syntagma" and "Evagelismos". Also closed will be the stations' Katechaki "and" Megaro Mousikis "from 9.30am until 12.30 noon and from 6 pm to 12 midnight.

Thursday today  banned gatherings and marches in the center of Athens and the route from the airport Eleftherios Venizelos to the center from 9 am to 8 pm, ordered the police because of the visit of the German Minister of Finance.

The tram service will not arrive in the Syntagma from 9.30am.

At 2 pm Mr. Schäuble will meet with the Prime Minister and 4 with the Minister of Finance and Development.

Already 4,000 police officers are on foot  and 6:30 will moved to rally Klafthmonos Square.

These measures similar to those taken and during the visit to Athens of Angela Merkel, in October 2012, when a large part of the city was cut off not only the protesters, but also for any kind of traffic.

Thus, as indicated in a notice of the Police, by decision of the General Police Director Attica, on Thursday, "because of the security measures and regulations of vehicles, shall not, during the period from 09.00 to 20.00, public Outdoor assemblies and marches "in the area bounded:

- From the streets / avenues B. Amalia (from its junction with North Olgas) - left Souri - then Admiral Nicodemus - Right House - right Kolokotronis - then America - Academy right - left Kanaris - then Patriarch Joachim left - Maraslis - Dinokratous right - left Aristodimou - Athens Junior right - then Koniari - Felt right - left Soutsou D. - Panormos then left - Avenue - right Katechaki left - Captain years - right Vlachaki - Messoghion right - left Michalakopoulou - Dennis Aiginitou left - right Potamianou Elias - continued Ionos Dragoymi - B. Alexander left - right Efroniou - left Sp Mercouri - right Eftichidou - Plastira Square - right Archimedes - M. Mousourou right - right Ardittou left - Olga B. (until its junction with Northern Amalia) as along sections of these roads form the boundaries of this area

- Section of Attiki Odos from the Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos "to the node of the Regional Hymettus Ave Katechaki in the part of L. Katechaki from the exit of Regional Hymettus to its confluence with the Mesogheion and in-depth range 100 hundred meters, both sides above road sections ( Attiki Odos - L. Katechaki), as in bridges, crossings and intersections that lie along them, and the wider local area competence Police Directorate of the AIA.

Reactions parties

Their opposition to the measures taken by the Police express their announcements SYRIZA and the KKE. SYRIZA notes, inter alia, that "every day becomes more and more clear that this government is determined to trample any right of workers and erode democracy. I was visiting Schaeuble in our country, the government is rushing for the second time after visiting Merkel, ban gatherings utilizing junta Decree in its efforts to create a climate of fear and proving, in this way, how dread the massive presence the people. "

In a statement, the KKE "denounces police state measures, decided by the government, ahead of the visit of the German Finance Minister Schäuble B. coming to Greece to support the unpopular task of government. The people need to give your own answer in the governmental authoritarianism. "
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