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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Greece-Rallies Today against operating shops on Sundays

With rallies today  Tuesday, July 23 welcomed by the shop assistant and associations self Athens, the bill introduced in the Parliament for a vote to release the opening hours of shops on Sundays.

In Athens protest organized for 7pm Omonia while in Thessaloniki similar mobilization will take place at 8 pm at the intersection of Tsimiskes and Aristotle.

Workers as reported by the announcements, they say "no" to repeal the Sunday holiday, defend Sunday as a compulsory holiday for all stores, request a national shop opening hours will not exceed 48 hours per week with 3 afternoons closed shops and a fixed time.

Also claim for workers in trade 5 days 8 hours 40 hours with permanent and stable work, eliminate all laws and provisions that release time, elimination of partial employment, hourly, fixed term contracts and all forms of work and tire conversion in 8hr permanent contracts.

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