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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Greece-No buses in thessaloniki city for 24hours today 16.7.2013

Common assertive platform decided syndicates operators after their meeting, held at the offices of the Panhellenic Federation of Rail (PFI) Today.

As stated in a joint statement, the decision was a joint action fighting demonstrations all transport workers to:

- Removing the requisition workers attitudes and dockers.

-Signing of Collective Labour Agreements.

- The "freezing" of privatization TRAINOSE and ROSCO, and the removal of legislative acts under the "sudden death" of SOEs.

- To reduce the price of tickets and the free transfer of the unemployed, students and people with disabilities.

"Public transport should be developed, modernized, to be safe, quality and serve the people's needs," the press release concludes.
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