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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Greece-New unemployment record at 26.9% in April

Unemployed increase by almost 195,000 more in one year from April 2012 - Employed declined by approximately 160,000

The unemployment rate in Greece rose to even higher levels, highlighting in the most vivid way that this problem, at least for now, is not dealt with by any political approach.

The unemployment rate in April 2013 reached a new record of 26.9%, from 26.8% in March and 23.1% in April 2012.

The ELSTAT figures show how the unemployed increased by 194,746 persons compared with April 2012 (+17.0%) and by 24.025 in relation to March 2013 (+1.8%) and stood at 1,337,621 people.

Meanwhile, the number of employed decreased by 159,955, compared to April 2012 (-4.2%) and increased by 43,668 compared with March 2013 (+1.2%) and amounted to 3,636,042.

The economically active, that is people who are not working or looking for work, fell by 23,770 compared to April 2012 and 20,218 compared with March 2013 (-0.6%) and amounted to 3,337,051 people.

“Gloomy” numbers by ELSTAT
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