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Monday, July 15, 2013

Greece-a lawyer in Thessaloniki city receiving payments from filipinos and then disappeared

The lawyer took the advance payments  and then disappeared ...

The State Council adopted three decisions of the Disciplinary Board of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki, which had imposed temporary pauses corresponding period a lawyer of the city, who receiving payments from customers, usually filipinos for their cases without ever making any legal act.
Furthermore, the COE canceled three disciplinary penalties against the same lawyer (among decommissioning) for formal reasons
Specifically, a total of six decisions issued by the Third Division of the State Council lawyer Thessaloniki. The three decisions validate respective disciplinary two-month temporary pause. Unlike the other two cancel two two-month disciplinary decisions and the sixth and final cancels the termination that had been imposed.
The lawyer in the first case received from a filipina an upfront payment of 880 euros to pull the "green card" (residence and work) giving even acknowledgment, it mentions that 'the care of their papers. " But nothing did the controversial lawyer and refused to return the money deposit.

The second case that concerned the State Council was similar to the first one with the only difference that the advance was 440 euro and up to issue identity. Again the two-month temporary suspension imposed by the Disciplinary Board, which was ratified by the State Council.
The third case involves divorce case for which took no action and was paid (not state the amount in the Council of State) and refused to deliver the envelope to the applicant. Two months and again pausing the imposed, which was ratified by the State Council.

From another client he received as deposit 235 euros for various cases for which, however, did nothing, while another sixth client received an advance of 440 euros for cases for which once again made no energy, but returned folder, but continually postponed the refund of the deposit. For both these cases imposed two temporary two-month hiatus from the Disciplinary Board. But both these decisions were annulled by the CoE typicalproblems of disciplinary councils (general and vague references, etc.).
The sixth disciplinary decision of the sentencing of the closure. The latter event was started by a filipina  which argued that for a Green Card got deposit 410 euros, but after lost. The woman sought him with the help of brother-and actually found him in their question, "How is called," the lawyer replied "nothings." The discipline imposed the penalty of final release, as had been punished with a total penalty of temporary cessation of 10 months.
But the latest decision of the Disciplinary annulled by the COE as unlawful. And that's why there was no reference to the disputed attorney to the Disciplinary Board by the President of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki with the question of the closure, as provided by the Code of Lawyers, but the sentencing of the final discharge ex officio by the Disciplinary Board.
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