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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Greece-Issued Law for legal farming of cannabis(soft drug)

A legislative decree, included in the new drug law already allows the conditional cultivation Hemp and marketing of its products. The cultivation of cannabis will affect strongly and positively to the restructuring of irrigated summer crops in the Greek plains, such as cotton, corn and industrial tomatoes. Is growing at a low cost without requiring herbicides and is resistant to microbes, bacteria and insects. In this way act as ecological herbicide and can significantly reduce the populations of some insects, such as the green worm and Diabrotica. The entire top part of the plants of cannabis used for various products such as cosmetics, paper, seeds, fiber and insulating materials, etc. The product is the raw material for textile hypoallergenic clothes, but these products are used in other industries. The costs of extraction of fiber technology and equipment of new generation is six times lower than those of ginning cotton. For these reasons, the cultivation of Hemp can give new impetus to local agriculture and manufacturing.
Certainly cannabis except for textile use, used elsewhere, and here is the dangerous part. Because it on paper its cultivation has terms and conditions, but who really can not guarantee that you will not exploit the circuits and drug dealers to handle even larger quantities for users. With the logic that since so far trafficked constantly drugs in Greece, now that is licensed and things will probably get worse because the system requires drugs to perpetuate its existence.
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