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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Greece-Conditioned rooms in Athens and Piraeus for the heatwave today

At full mobilization are the social services in the City of Athens and the Municipality of Piraeus to address problems that may arise due to the high temperatures expected Today.

Already based on forecasts of the National Weather Service precautionary measures to alleviate population groups can resort to cool in air-conditioned rooms.

The City of Athens decided to remain open to the public, on Tuesday (30.72013) from 8 am to 8 pm Tuesday (07/30/2013) Seven air-conditioned space in corresponding Friendship Clubs. They are as follows Friendship Clubs:

1st Municipal District: Saint Paul: Mamouri & Dimi - Koukaki: Dragon 26-28 Koukaki
2o Municipal District: New World: Chelntraich 15
3rd district: Lower Petralona: Athinodorou 4
4th district: Kolokynthou: 9 blooded
5th Municipal District: St. Eleftherios: Acharnon 372
7th Municipal District: Vafeos and Panormos

Also in Piraeus on Tuesday and Wednesday will remain open air-conditioned rooms all Centres Love and Solidarity of Piraeus (KAPH), from 8:00 am until 10pm. These are the following KAPH the experiment:

- KAPI A1, Anthony Theocharis 35-37 (Tel. 210 4511216)
- KAPI A2, Ag 63-65 (Tel. 210 4185846)
- KAPI B1 King George II 9.11 (tel. 210 4134052, 2104134130)
- KAPI B2, Kilkis 2-Pr. Elias (Tel. 210 4111690)
- KAPI C1, 3 and Zervos Giannopoulou (Tel. 210 4827543)
- KAPI C2, Mirtiotisa 9 (Tel. 210 4110386)
- KAPI D1, Nicosia 42 and Naxos-tube furnaces (Tel.210 4823830)
- KAPI D2, 44 Kos - Old Red (210 4209085)
- KAPI E1 Kallergi 142 (Tel. 210 4635049)
- KAPI E2, Ag and Ag Terms 44 (Tel. 210 4633181)
- KAPI E3 Redestou 20 and 79 Haidari (Tel. 210 4207735)
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