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Monday, July 15, 2013

Greece-24-hour general strike declared tomorrow Tuesday 16-read how will moved the buses

Ongoing demonstrations by workers in Government, culminating in the 24-hour general strike declared by GSEE and ADEDY Tuesday.

For today workers in Local Government have planned permanent general meetings, rallies and sit-ins in all first-clubs - members of the Federation.
12.00 employees WTO - have planned OTA concentration in pl. Karaiskakis, from which it will start again motorized path. Similar, motorized routes, designed in other major cities.
The afternoon rally organized nationwide with descent of all municipal officials in Athens, Syntagma Square will be held at 20:00 concentration ADEDI and concert artists.
At 11:30 am Tuesday, July 16, will be held protest rally in the square Klafthmonos of GSEE and ADEDY and PAME calls to separate collection at 10.30 Omonia. For employees in Local Government will be preconcentration at 10.30am in pl. Karaiskaki. The same day, they will stay closed all government departments and municipalities.
In strike Tuesday involve employees in health, welfare and ambulance as well as clinicians, while at the rally of GSEE will participate and teachers.

Obstacles they encounter during their travels citizens as Tuesday announced a 24-hour strike by workers in OSE and suburban, while work stoppages announced on buses and trolleys.
So trains OSE will receive no itinerary and will remain immobilized and suburban trains.
Buses and trolley service runs from 9 am to 9 pm, as workers will hold work stoppages at the beginning and end of shift.
With 24-hour strike part in nationwide mobilization and Workers Federation in OTE.
In the evening at 8.30, on the eve of the enactment of much-bill, it will become a nationwide rally in pl. Constitution by trying to involve all sectors employees in the public and private sectors. Will be held overnight protest, while efforts will be made for concert sympathy.
On Wednesday, day of enactment of polynomoschediou will be held protest rally and march to parliament.
Moreover, the extraordinary general meeting of mayors decided the weekend closure of municipalities from 15 to 17 July and directly KEDE meeting with Prime.
The majority of attendees mayors made available to the Board of KEDE their resignations in case of non-acceptance by the government of their proposals.
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