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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Gigantic Jellyfish in the seas of the Arctic

A jellyfish in which man is a tiny creature in front of her is in the seas of the Arctic and belongs to the family of jellyfish 'Lions Mane'. It is worth noting that the specific Jellyfish existed for 650 million years and is certainly one of the first forms of life on Earth since 650 million years ago the Earth had no land any life and there were only barren lands with rocks.
Unlike the seas had started there the first forms of life and the first sea creatures that some were really huge, like a huge octopus, huge fish and huge sea monsters. Of course there were some smaller creatures then the oceans. However one of the huge creatures of the seas was then and this jellyfish that unlike other primary forms of life due to disasters suffered by the Earth disappeared, this jellyfish managed to survive all these disasters and is now one of the longest and largest protected species that have ever existed on Earth.
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