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Monday, June 24, 2013

The function of hashtags arrived on Facebook. those function are the starting point of changes to the popular social network

Will set the stage changes to the popular social network

It is now a fact, the popular mode of hashtags, debuted on Facebook. After months of rumors that the social network thinking to incorporate the desire of many came true.

Virtually every major social network uses the hashtag. Definitely started from Twitter, but services like Instagram, the Tumblr, the Pinterest, Google+ and the others have adopted it long ago. Has managed to become one of the most useful tools in today's Internet age.

Right now Facebook is as a chaotic repository of information that is very difficult for someone to manage and exploit these. The hashtag will not necessarily solve this problem, but will definitely help a lot, especially those looking for a specific topic (eg for a series or a match). With one click you will be able to find who else comment on the topic that interests you.

Think of all the talk about news in the world, new events or brands (clothes, cars, etc.). This is a really valuable content that is missing from Facebook. This of course, may mean that we will see more rare personal posts from what we saw today.

Some may be opposed to hashtags, the others were waiting impatiently. The only certainty is that it will change the way we use Facebook. It's up to each individual to decide if it is worth it eventually.
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