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Monday, June 3, 2013

Roughcut: The Bambie Mangampo Documentary

Came from a poor family, a smart, a strong personality and a fighter who is able to face struggle without hesitation. A person who's aim is to help his family in the Philippines. A graceful person, pretty and attractive, his name is Diosdado Mangampo Jr., also known as Bambie Mangampo, a woman with man biological identity, who brought inspiration and pride to the fellow Filipinos in Greece.

Year 2000, Bambie worked in Japan as entertainer for six years. Due to some conflicts, he has to stop working and decided to go home. He put up his owned business that lasted for two years, and accepted the invitation of his sister to come to Greece. Another journey of his life awaits. Bambie works as hairdresser and make-up artist. He is known to his own and unique creation. Bambie is also one of the organizers of a beauty pageant Mr. & Miss Philippines-Greece.

Caught by a curiosity and a story by a friend, Eliana Abravanel, approached Bambie if he is willing to be documented. Abravanel, sees the life of Bambie as an inspiration. According to Bambie, he was flattered and excited how his documentation would be.

In our interview, Bambie revealed he was nervous about his documentary. That our kababayan here in Greece will not be interested about his film. Some who are curious and asked him what is the documentary all about, so he has to describe it one by one in order to promote his 'life' documentation in Greece.

 Did ever came to your mind not to pursue this documentation? Why?
Bambie strongly believe that every personality is unique. Among all Filipino here in Greece, he feels lucky he was offered this once in a lifetime opportunity, and he gladly grab it.

Roughcut, the title of the film, acted by Bambie himself, has been viewed on big screen for some days. June 2, 2013 was the final screening. Bambie is not only famous to our fellow kababayan here in Greece. He said he was roaming around a store in a Shopping mall in Marousi when a guy approached him and asked "are you Bambie? then he said yes I am Bambie... then the guy told him, "I watched your film the last night it was amazing, your story was great and congratulations" the guy said.

Special Mention
Bambie gladly expresses his gratitude to all who became part of him. "The people I would like to thank first is Madam Eliana Abravanel for giving me this wonderful opportunity, my family for giving me the courage to face all the problems, my sister chita, my gay friends, my customers and all the people who love me and always support me".

Message to the Filipino-community who watched your documentation
"All i can say to all the Filipino people who watched my film is thank u so much to all of you for supporting me." Bambie said. Moreover, He hope that the Filipino organizations in Athens should help one another when it comes to promoting an event like his.
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