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Friday, June 28, 2013

PDEA to to all Filipino travelers, including Overseas Filipino Workers: Stay away from drug rings

The problem with drugs is that it does not only affect adults but also kids and teens.  Early introduction to addictive substances can lead to worst situations which include crimes and deaths.  Even kids in elementary may have already been introduced to drugs and alcohol.  Sometimes kids who are exposed to these things may not be easily detected when parents are always too busy to care.  Spending time monitoring their kids’ activities outside the home should be a priority.  You may not even want to hear your teen ending up in a drug rehab but the more you will hate the thought of your kid getting involved in crimes.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency on Friday reiterated its warning to all Filipino travelers, including Overseas Filipino Workers and seafarers traveling abroad, to keep away from illegal drug smuggling or trafficking.
PDEA director general Arturo Cacdac Jr. issued the warning in light of the scheduled execution by lethal injection of a Filipina drug courier in China next week.
Reports said that the Filipina, who entered China as a tourist, was arrested together with a male Filipino companion in a province near Shanghai sometime in January 2011, for carrying over 12 kilograms of high-grade heroin. 
The Filipina was later sentenced to death without reprieve in 2012.
Cacdac also expressed concern over the increasing number of Filipinos who are wittingly or unwittingly enticed by international drug syndicates to become drug couriers.
"It is unwise for our kababayans to risk their life and future to bring dangerous drugs to a certain country in exchange for any amount of money. 
"However, there are still those who willfully allowed themselves to be utilized as drug couriers despite repeated warnings by PDEA and other government agencies," he added.
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