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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greece will send another member of the Hellenic parliament to jail, read who faces threat of life imprisonment

The new evidence that the Financial Crime Unit sent to the parliamentary preliminary investigation committee working on the Lagarde list case, cause an explosive combination of penal provisions which bring George Papakonstantinou even faced with the possibility of life imprisonment.
The committee members held an informal meeting a few hours after receiving the report of the Financial Crime Unit, which shows that the four relatives of the former Minister (Andreas Rossonis, Simeon Sikiaridis, Helen and Marina Papakonstantinou) fail to justify deposits of 6.3 million euros to evaluate its content and legal consequences for Papakonstantinou.
According to information, the majority of the committee is concerned about whether the evidence of the report are enough to implement Law 1608/1950 for "increase of the penalties for abusers of the public" that will work burden the offenses of falsification and infidelity.
The two offenses entail imprisonment of up to 10 years, but according to Law 1608/50 these offenses can result in life imprisonment.
Papaconstantinou’s plea scheduled for next Monday
Papakonstandinou’s lawyer Takis Vassilakopoulos received the case file on a CD in order to prepare the final apologetic placement. According to information, the committee said that Papakonstandinou has a week to study the file and come next Monday 17/6/2013 to testify.
The deposition of the two cousins of the former minister, Helen and Marina Papakonstantinou is scheduled for Tuesday. Eleni Papakonstandinou is suspected of justice and therefore has the right to attend but not to answer the questions of the committee. But Marina Papakonstandinou’s case is different, as she was not included in the Lagarde list. The depositions of Andreas Rossonis and Simeon Sikiaridis will follow on Wednesday.
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