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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shocking videos with the one of the three kidnapped women, Faced with the court accused of kidnapping the Ariel Castro

The unemployed bus driver Ariel Castro led before the American justice on Thursday to face charges for kidnapping and repeatedly raping three women, which was holding brackets in his house for ten years.

  The 52years olds man from Cleveland, Ohio, did not declare guilt or innocence and remained with his head bowed while the judge announced the establishment of warranty $ two million for each category against A. Castro, practically ensuring that he will remain in custody, since the entire security reaches eight million U.S. dollars.
Recall that women were abducted at different times, with one of them manages to escape on Monday and means "alert" to the authorities.

  These are Amanda Berry, 27, Gina Ntitzizous, 23 and Michelle Knight, 32 years.

  The police have already collected more than 200 exhibits from the house of A. Castro, while deposits of three women considered sufficient for the indictment in 52chrono.

  The man also agreed to undergo a genetic test to determine if it is the natural father of 6-year Jocelyn, daughter of 27-year old A. Berry, who was born while her mother was held hostage in his hands.
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