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Monday, May 13, 2013

Shocking- This is the pedophile coach of Corfu island-Greece

He is the coach of the national cricket team in Corfu island-Greece who arrested in the act molests a 17 year old Greek boy.

He Is 49 years old and named George Prosoparis.

Investigations of police at his home 49years old revealed that the GP videotaped the encounters with the 17 year old boy after he had built a hidden camera in alarm.

In his home were also

- Used condoms
- Aids sexual acts
- Three laptops and a stationary computer
- An air rifle type flobert and
- Hard drives, usb sticks and other digital storage media which will be sent for laboratory examination in order to investigate the possible existence of child pornography.

The 49 years old pedophile was born in Corfu but subsequently left for abroad, first in Australia and then in Great Britain.

Previously he had played cricket during his stay in England had taken two degrees coach. With these credentials, it was suggested to coaching in cricket, volunteer children aged 10 years.

What is striking is that those who decided to hire him to coach young children did not even bother to look his past. Because if they did, they would find that 13 years ago, in 2000, was arrested and convicted in Los Angeles for 13 year old harassment via internet.

Was arrested when he went to Los Angeles to meet 13 year old boy with whom he had contact through internet. Meet the boy through a website named gaydads4sons.

But behind the 13 year old was the FBI agent who arrested him.

The case then had been the international media. The 35 year-old (then) GP mentioned as an Australian living in England. He remorseful in court and sentenced to one year suspended sentence and required to remain under supervision for three years as a perpetrator of sexual assault. He was also banned from surfing the net, coming into contact with persons under 18 years of wandering aimlessly in areas frequented by children.

When revealed the lewdness in 17 year old from Corfu, those who knew him were left with my mouth open. Nothing in his behavior had not betrayed. "Nobody, not a parent, or athlete, nor is our coach has denounced anything in relation to misconduct of that," says the president of the Greek Cricket Federation.

"He has never given the slightest right. It was indeed very dear to all. Really, all of this was a shock, "said a Greek Joseph Nikitas to www.tsismosaonline.com.
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