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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Greece--In Attica today detained 2,850 illegal imigrants. Read the latest numbers of deportations

In Attica today detained 2,850 illegal  migrants, most of whom are Amygdaleza the detention center, which is divided into three areas of 500 prisoners. All of them lack legal authorization to stay in the country and will be deported if they rejected their applications for political asylum.
Newspaper lists chronicling the deportation of immigrants. The route followed by the Amygdaleza in switching to the airport and finally home.

Being deported immigrants are transferred to a paddy wagon from the detention center on the switch. From there you take the road to the Eleftherios Venizelos. As mentioned in the article are given turkey sandwich and a bottle of water, the same as they will eat and police-escorts.

All of them wear plastic handcuffs, which will cut inflight. However on the way the police will change them often as some complain that their hands clench.

With their hands tied migrants driven in a hall of the airport Eleftherios Venizelos to go through metal detectors. The verification is done in a separate room, away from commercial flights.

The baggage of immigrants are placed in large plastic bags. Their valuables are removed and returned to the landing. There are waiting police service migration Pakistan.I flight will last a total of eight other hours.

The numbers of  deportations
• 159.490 foreigners residing illegally in EU countries were repatriated in 2012
• 200.000 euros roughly the cost of a charter flight to Pakistan. The transaction at airports in Tbilisi and Lahore for refueling was done by cash
• 44% reduced illegal immigration from the land border between Greece - Turkey in 2012 due to the operation of the Evros fence
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