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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Greeks say in Boston for the explosion

Overwhelmed say the Greeks who live in Boston, after last night explosions near the finish line of the historic Marathon.

In constant communication with the State Department and local authorities in Massachusetts, is the Greek Embassy in Washington and the Consulate General in Boston to investigate whether there may be Greeks wounded.
"Immediately after the explosions, the Greek students in Boston began to communicate with each other to make sure everyone is well," said sophomore student at Boston College, Katerina Katsouri.
"We have no information about Greeks who were injured," said Greek student who is studying political science, noting that "in the beginning, when we heard about dozens injured, very afraid because there was a great possibility and of our colleagues who attended the Marathon."
Mrs. Katsouri also said that "between the students of the city there is concern for the next day and may this concern climaxing as the perpetrators remain unknown, as the causes of the terrorist attack."
"We are all shocked by the terrorist attack," said Metropolitan Methodios of Boston, who added that "our prayers and thoughts are with the families of the victims. We stand together with law enforcement agencies to bring to justice those responsible for this terrorist act. "
Steve Zarogiannis, one of the expatriates who attended yesterday's marathon, said he was not at the site of a terrorist attack, but listen to both explosions. "At first, we did not understand what had happened, but then we saw smoke and people to run, shout and then arriving ambulances," he said.
Mr. Zarogiannis, working in IT company, continuously monitors the Marathon for 26 years and as stated "whoever they may be terrorists, will never be the same again. They killed a polychrono athletic institution that was identified with the history of our city. "
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