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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unemployment hits new record high at 27.2%, 1.3 million Greeks unemployed in January

The unemployment rate in Greece recorded a further increase in January 2013 and stood at 27.2% against 21.5% in January 2012 and 25.7% in December 2012, according to the Hellenic Statistical Authority.

The highest percentage was recorded at the ages between 15-24, where it increased to 59.3% from 51% in January 2012. They were followed by the age groups of 25-34, where unemployment rose to 34.2% from 29%, and 35-44, where it increased to 23.5% from 18.2%.

According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority, the unemployed increased by 281,048 compared with January 2012 (+26.3%) and by 95,709 compared to December 2012 (+7.6%), reaching 1,348,742 people.

The number of employed decreased by 270,629 compared to January 2012 (-7%) and by 11,653 compared to December 2012 (-0.3%), reaching 3,617,771 people.

The economically inactive, those not working or looking for work, fell by 878 compared to January 2012 (no change) and 535 people compared to December 2012 (no change).

The regions with the highest unemployment rate were found in Epirus and Western Macedonia, where it rose to 29.2% from 23.1% in January 2012. In Attica, the unemployment rate rose to 28.4% from 22.8%, while in Macedonia - Thrace to 28.2% from 22.8%.
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