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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Translation of documents on Greece, all you need to know and afraid to ask

Translation of documents On Greece

To translate the document you are interested in Greek or conversely options you have are:
1. To contact the issuing institution (eg patent language to English at the British Council for German at the Goethe Institute, etc.)
2. To speak to a lawyer that has the potential translations.
3.Member States refer to a translation center / office, and finally
4. To contact the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the best solution because it has advantages to other modes do not have them, the most important advantage of the ability to remove copies of the translated text can be validated by public services (eg ACC, Police etc)

Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Where are we? Address of the Translation Service
ΑRIONOS 10 - Psyrri Athens. The Arion is perpendicular to the height of Ermou Square in Monastiraki
If you use Media Transport accomodate stations Thisio (Electric) and the Monastiraki metro station (Metro, Electric).

Map Translation Service Foreign Ministry

View larger map
Hours dealing with the public: 9:00 am to 13:00 noon
Telephones: 210-3285.755 - 777
Section 1: Albanian & Eastern Europe: 210-32.85.746
Section 2: English, Hebrew and Chinese,: 210-32.85.731
Section 3: Arab and Western Europe: 210-32.85.726
Section 4: Staff Translation government,: 210-32.85.716

Procedure Document Translation

  1. Because the Translation Service does not want to keep the original document should carry a certified copy to testify.
    Copies foreign language qualifications validated:
    A. by issuing authority
    b. of the respective Educational Institutions based in Greece (eg British Council, Goethe etc)
    c. by lawyers. There is an adjacent building Translation Service (cost 6 Euros for a single page)
    Copies Greek qualifications validated by the issuing authority, ADS and public services.
  2. Then you must fill out an application where you write your details and information for translators. This application you can:
    A. To download it to your computer from here:: Application Translation Service
            B. To fill the spot in the Translation Service (given for free)
  3. Give the completed application and the certified copy at the counter of the deposit you pay the spot price of translation (for language certificates is 9,50 €) and you get a receipt for the deposit of documents and payment. CAUTION: Do not miss it, because you will need to collect the translated documents.
    The translation values ​​shown in the table below:

                                                  Prices Translation Serviceς

    Categories of Documents
    Simple process
    Emergency process
View detail the categories of documents and cost per page translation
The Translation Service translates to and from the following languagesς:

For documents issued by Albania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan), Mongolia and Peru, countries for which Greece has qualified for membership in the Hague Convention and as long as there are lifting these reservations, the validation is done only by the relevant Greek Consular Authority.

Fulfilling translation via Mail

For service requests citizens in Greece and only outside Attica Department operates Mail (telephone numbers: 210-3285721 & 722, Fax: 210-3285778) in which stakeholders can upload the documents to be translated through the Greek Post (EL TA.) by registered mail or by private courier means, upon purchase order, accompanied by the necessary documents, which are :

1. Request translation services  completed and signed by the complainant.
2. On the day of shipping paid EL.TA by Check translation costs
(Categories of documents and cost per page translation) plus 4 euros in total (return costs).

Categories of Documents Simple Process Emergency Process
Α 8,50 € 12,00 €
Β 9,50 € 14,00 €
Γ 14,00 € 20,00 €
Δ 15,00 € 21,00 €
Recipient Cheque:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Translation Service / Department of Correspondence
Arionos 10 PC 10554 ATHENS
Three. Photocopy of proof of payment of postal check (enclosed in an envelope along with the application and documents).

Postal Address:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Translation Service / Department of Correspondence
Arionos 10 PC 10554 ATHENS

The completion of related requests completed in time from 12 to 15 working days, depending on the volume and content of documents.
In any case required clarification section Mail will communicate with the sender.

About the translation of documents

The purpose of the Translation Service is a valid translation of public and private documents. Foreign public documents translated bear the stamp of the Hague Convention (APOSTILLE) in the case from Home country party to the Hague Convention, which was ratified by N.1497/1984 / (FEK188A) in any other case not provided endorsed by the Greek Consular Authority of the country of origin of the document or the Consulate of that country to Greece and then by the Department of validation CFSP Foreign Ministry, or the Bureau of ratification with the International Relations Department (Y.DI.S. ) Thessaloniki (Office Building) (to validate the signature of accredited officials of foreign diplomatic and consular missions in Greece)..

For the translation of Greek public documents to be submitted to foreign countries is a prerequisite documents may be originals or exact copies. Interested parties should have informed the basis of existing circulars of the Ministry of Interior, the issuing authority for legal validation process, depending on the country of final destination of the documents.

In particular, if the Greek public document will be submitted to a country that is a Contracting State to the Hague Convention, to have obtained the necessary approval (stamp APOSTILLE), if not (or if the country's Greek prejudice) be ratified by itself Substantive competent Greek Public Authority for the authenticity of the signature of the responsible institution and then by the Department validations CFSP, or the Bureau Authentication from Y.DI.S Thessaloniki

Public documents are the provisions of the Hague Conventionς

Those interested in translations in foreign languages ​​diplomas will be notified of the proper validation of such securities by the institution to which they intend to testify as qualifications require different validation depending of their origin and the entity or the service to be deposited.

Centre for Services and Information Society and Greeks abroad

New opportunities to serve Greeks abroad

Completion by the CSC and K.E.P.P.A. eleven procedures consular and six hundred fifty procedures CSC will be processed on and by the Consular Authorities and the CSC Expatriates..

Address: Academy 3
PC 106 71 Athens
Tel: 210 368 2045, 46, 48
Fax: 210 368 2137
A) Procedures for Consular Authorities all conducted by the CSC
Eleven administrative procedures are handled by the Consular Authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now handled through CSC and K.E.P.P.A. These procedures are:
1. Requests for information and reports to the consular
2. Copies of a Certificate of birth, marriage, death, add or change the name or surname
3. Grant of duplicate certificates of military service are issued by the consular authority
4. Granting HEC issued by the consular authority
5. Licenses or certificates of qualifications for military use, where appropriate consular visa
6. Visa certificates or evidence of hospitalization
7. Providing parents consents to issue passports minors
8. Notification for testator death probate deposited at consulate
9. Certificate of registration consular records
10. Grant of duplicate certificates of resident foreign
11. Issuing certificates of nativity
The forms for these procedures which were formed in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry are already registered on the website of ADS (www.kep.gov.gr) and implementing e-kep, which should refer to processed.
B) Upon incorporation of the Office's Citizen of the MFA in CSC Greeks abroad, the public is informed about
Topics validation and stamping documents issued abroad by foreign authorities and not chartosimanthikan in their Greek consulates
Foreign missions in Greece and the Greek authorities abroad (Address Phone)
Topics scholarships for Theological Studies, Iconography and Byzantine music in Greece,
Aliens or expatriates fellowships for undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Greece,
Access and research in archival collections of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Diplomatic and Historical Archives,
Administration official translation by the Translation Service for translations throughout,
Certificate Information ethnic origin and certificate of previous employment ("pretreatment") in KONSTANTINOPOLITIKA,
Topics Military Greeks abroad, searches of persons and loss of personal documents and items abroad
Visas for employees of companies, student visas to foreign students in Greek Universities, to foreign artistic groups and athletes, tourist
Competitive examination for recruitment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
C) Endorsements
The part operates from 18.10.2010 ratifications Street Arionos 10 - Monastiraki, daily 9:00 to 13:00, tel communication 210-3285755-59
A. the authenticity of the signature of the competent organs of the Greek State on documents Greek public domestic and foreign, in cases of non-application of the Hague Convention. To that end kept a special archive with specimen signatures.
Copying of original documents issued by Greek public domestic and abroad.
c the signing of Greek and foreign nationals on all text in Greek language except proxies if they sign before the competent officer.
d the authenticity of the signature of the accredited employees of all foreign diplomatic and consular staff in Greece on the documents issued or authenticated by them
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