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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Job with 2,700 euros for 5 months to 35,000 people - Program of the Ministry of Labour and Employment TRAINING

- Are eligible for all young people to 29 years, irrespective of study
- 5 months work and then subsidize the position of the State
- Comes and new program sites in tourismoApo April 15 until May 22, all young as 29 years old can claim a five-month internship positions in companies.
The announcement of the new program for 35,000 jobs announced by Labour Minister John Vroutsis emphasized that it would follow the second call for 10,000 more jobs in the tourism sector.
The selection will be done through molecules and will take into account the degree of acquisition, taxable individual or family income, graduate, foreign language, as long as they are unemployed etc.
The program provides:
Theoretical training through vocational training centers, 80 hours with pay 5 euros / hour.
Five-month internship in enterprises with 460 euro for graduates SUBMISSIONS and 400 euros per month for graduates compulsory, secondary and post-secondary education.
Grant for a year of 100% of insurance contributions as an incentive for businesses that will hire trainees at the end of practice.
At www.voucher, gr unemployed young men and women aged 29 years who have ie born 1/1/1983 until 31/12/95 can see all the details. Information can get interested and 800 11 4444 4.
A. For Class' graduates / Chameleon ", are required to have: i) a diploma of higher education in Greece or abroad recognized by DOATAP or certificate of recognized professional qualifications, formal higher education graduates from university or TEI, according to the applicable law, ii) have been produced by 1i.1.1983 until 31.12.95 and iii) be registered in the registers of the Public Employment Unemployment. Eligibility also have those who participate in Professional Chambers - Associations.
B. For category "Graduates compulsory, secondary and post-secondary education" is required to: i) born 1i.1.1983 until 31.12.95 and ii) be registered unemployment OAED.
Please note that the companies participating in the program are not allowed to make any staff reductions during the program implementation.
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